Supava Tunnel

The excavation of the last tunnel on the access roads of the Pelješac Bridge has been completed The 1290 meter long Supava Tunnel was successfully breakthrough at the beginning of November this year. The tunnel is part of the Ston bypass, part of the access road to the Peljesac Bridge, which is expected to open … Read more

Polakovica Tunnel

The third tunnel breakthrough in the Peljesac project, Polakovica tunnel, near Ston town, is completed in July 2021. The Greek company Avax successfully completed the excavation of the 1242 meters long Polakovica tunnel. The tunnel is part of the 4th phase of the Ston bypass and, together with the Ston bridge and the Supava tunnel, … Read more

Kamenice tunnel

Works began on Kamenice Tunnel @ Peljesac Bridge The works began on the excavation of the Kamenice tunnel. With a length of 499 meters, this is the shortest tunnel of the project and the second tunnel on the routes of access roads to the Peljesac Bridge. The previously excavated tunnel Debeli Brijeg is 2.4 km … Read more

Debeli Brijeg Tunnel

Boring of the tunnel on Peljesac Bridge project begin In April 2020 workers of the Strabag company began boring the main tube of the 2,467-metre-long Debeli Brijeg tunnel, which is part of the second section of an access road to the Peljesac Bridge. The section is 12.1 km long and Strabag is building 10.46 km … Read more