Polakovica Tunnel

The third tunnel breakthrough in the Peljesac project, Polakovica tunnel, near Ston town, is completed in July 2021. The Greek company Avax successfully completed the excavation of the 1242 meters long Polakovica tunnel.

The tunnel is part of the 4th phase of the Ston bypass and, together with the Ston bridge and the Supava tunnel, forms the most demanding part of the Peljesac bridge access roads project (tunnel > bridge >tunnel).

The excavation of the Polakovica tunnel began in September 2020, and a total of 90,000 m3 of material was excavated and 44 tons of reinforcement and 29,000 m2 of shotcrete for the primary support were used.

Works are also underway on the excavation of the last tunnel on the project, the 1290 meters long Supava tunnel. Currently, about half of the tunnel has been excavated.

The Ston Bridge, which is located between these two tunnels, is advancing with reinforced concrete works on columns, while parts of the steel structure are being produced in a separate plant of the Split shipyard.

On the rest of the project, the Pelješac bridge and access roads, the installation of the last three segments of the span structure of the Pelješac bridge is being prepared. The completion of the merger, which also means the physical connection of the mainland with the Peljesac peninsula, is expected at the end of this month.

On the access roads, reinforced concrete works are underway on the facilities of the Dumanja Jaruga bridge I and II, while the final concrete camps and waterproofing are being done on the previously broken tunnels.


Above video: Current works of Prapratno Viaduct, Polakovica Tunnel, Ston Bridge and Supava Tunnel

Polakovica Tunnel leading to Ston bridge and Supava Tunnel
Polakovica Tunnel leading to Ston bridge and Supava Tunnel – animation screenshot by Hrvatske Ceste @ Peljesac Bridge