Pelješac Bridge


  • Design: Cable-stayed bridge
  • Length: 2 404 metres
  • Width: 23.6 metres
  • Height: 98 meters
  • Span: 5 x 285 metres
  • Clearance below: 55 meters

Video: Crossing the Bridge

Work updates (Construction Phases)

Load testing begins

20.01.2022 –  The works on the Peljesac Bridge are nearing completion. All works should be completed by the end of the month, followed by a technical inspection and the issuance of a use permit. Trial tests of the bridge load have begun. 21 trucks weighing about 40 tons arrived at the construction site, and the load strains were thoroughly tested. Here is a video of the bridge under a load of trucks weighing more than 800 tons in total:

Supava Tunnel

18 November 2021 – The excavation of the Supava, the last tunnel on the access roads of the Pelješac Bridge has been completed – read more

Pelješac Bridge gets the first layer of asphalt

13 Oct 2021 – Pelješac Bridge gets the first layer of asphalt, works on the new bridge are going fast ahead, and today the first layer of asphalt was applied to the surface of the Pelješac bridge. Here is a video:

Polakovica Tunel breakthrough

July 2021 – The third tunnel breakthrough in the Peljesac project, Polakovica tunnel, near Ston town, is completed in July 2021 – read more

Peljesac Bridge is connected

28 July 2021 – In the evening, the last segment of the Pelješac Bridge, the largest and one of the most important infrastructure projects in Croatia, was finally connected – see video below:

Connection of the last segment of the Pelješac Bridge

July 2021 – Connection of the last segment of the Pelješac Bridge within the project Road connection with southern Dalmatia – have a look:

February 12, 2021Works began on Kamenice Tunnel @ Peljesac Bridge The works began on the excavation of the Kamenice tunnel. With a length of 499 meters, this is the shortest tunnel of the project and the second tunnel on the routes of access roads to the Peljesac Bridge. 

April 2020Boring of the Debeli Brieg tunnel on Peljesac Bridge project begin In April 2020 workers of the Strabag company began boring the main tube of the 2,467-metre-long Debeli Brijeg tunnel, which is part of the second section of an access road to the Peljesac Bridge.

Peljesac Bridge

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