Kamenice tunnel

Works began on Kamenice Tunnel @ Peljesac Bridge

The works began on the excavation of the Kamenice tunnel. With a length of 499 meters, this is the shortest tunnel of the project and the second tunnel on the routes of access roads to the Peljesac Bridge. The previously excavated tunnel Debeli Brijeg is 2.4 km long.

This shortest tunnel of the project is a part of the construction of the 2nd section of the access roads to the Pelješac Bridge.

The total length of this section is 12.1 km, of which the company Strabag works on the length of 10.46 km, while the works on the rest of the access road will be by the company CRBC as part of the works on the Pelješac Bridge.

Intersections with existing state roads with D8 in the area of ​​Duboka and D414 in the area of ​​Zaradeža will be de-levelled, which will enable greater safety and better traffic flow.

Back in December of 2020, the Debeli Brijeg tunnel, one of the most complex structures in the project implemented by Hrvatske ceste, was successfully breakthrough on the Pelješac peninsula.

On average, 100 people worked daily to break through the tunnel in compliance with all epidemiological measures, and a total of 113 959 cubic meters of material were excavated.

This tunnel was built according to the new Austrian tunnel method (NATM), which includes the most modern engineering and technological trends, and in addition to the main tunnel pipe, it also has one service pipe with which it is connected through nine pedestrian and two cross passages for emergency vehicles.

The excavation of the Kamenice tunnel is expected to be completed by the beginning of summer 2021.


The Pelješac Bridge is expected to be completed by January 2022

Kamenice Tunnel Peljesac Bridge
Kamenice Tunnel animation screenshot by Hrvatske Ceste @ Peljesac Bridge