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Korcula Archipelago

Korcula Archipelago is also known as Skoji Islets which includes 18 small islands and islets dotted around the channel between Peljesac and Korcula island.

The islands are easily reachable by local water taxi boats or hop on hop off speedy water taxi from either Lumbarda, Korcula Old Town or Orebic, Kuciste ad Viganj on Peljesac.

Vrnik is the only inhabited island in the archipelago while Badija features Franciscan Monastery and Church. Badija, Vrnik and Stupe have also small restaurants.

The furthest islet is Bisace which is situated right across the Raznjic horn. The islet is well-known for numerous seagull nests and just one single pine tree that offers some shade.

The archipelago also features numerous hidden beaches as well as nudist beaches with plenty of opportunities for snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing.

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Map Korcula Archipelago Skoji

Map of the archipelago with names of all islets.

Here are the names of all islands:

  1. Badija
  2. Vrnik
  3. Planjak
  4. Kamenjak
  5. Baretica
  6. Lucnjak
  7. Vela Stupa
  8. Mala Stupa
  9. Majsan
  10. Majsanic
  11. Vela Sestrica
  12. Mala Sestrica
  13. Gojak
  14. Sutvara
  15. Skrpinjak
  16. Bisace
  17. Gubavac
  18. Knezic

Exploring the archipelago by water taxi

Exploring the archipelago by water taxi

The Archipelago viewed from Lumbarda

The Archipelago viewed from Lumbarda